The Seamstress

I have always been interested in sewing and handwork throughout my life. My mom sewed a little bit and taught me the basics when I was very young. I made small things like simple doll clothes and pillows as a child. The older I got, the more complicated projects I started to tackle. I didn't really get into more complicated sewing projects until the age of 13 when I discovered a passion for living history. After getting heavily involved in re-enacting the mid-19th century and improving my skills in historical clothing production and sewing in general, I got the idea to start up my own business.

Before I was able to start my own business, I took a job working at a local bridal shop for a time altering wedding gowns. It gave me a lot of great experience working with brides and it helped me discover a few things about mass-produced wedding gowns on the market today. I noticed a great lack in quality materials being used and unique designs. Since an accurate historical reproduction does not include synthetic fibers, I sewed almost exclusively with natural fibers and believe this gave me a greater appreciation for quality fabrics. So when I discovered that not one gown in the bridal shop was made of natural fibers, I was very surprised. To me using quality fabrics and natural fibers is important. This is the main reason I decided to offer custom made wedding gowns. I want to be able to offer an alternative to the mass-produced gowns for those who appreciate quality and individuality.     

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