Welcome to A Stitch in Time! I created this web site so that I would be able to share my historical sewing projects with those that are interested in creating historical clothing for themselves. Sewing is becoming a lost art in today's day in age. It's such a pity that there are so few that know this wonderful ability. I have a passion for historical clothing, and when I found out I could actually make clothing from different historical eras for myself, I grew even more passionate about it. I have always thought that it would be marvelous if I could actually go back in time and live the way people from different eras lived. But, alas, that is not possible. So, the next best thing, is to create the lovely clothing from different historical eras and try to imagine yourself in that era.

Please take a moment to look around. This web site is a work-in-progress, so I will be constantly adding to it. Right now there isn't much, but as I get time, I will add more. Thank you for stopping by!

If you would like to contact me, you may e-mail me at gracefullady@gmail.com   


Above painting: Portrait of Two Sisters, 1840 by Louis-Edouard

Courtesy of CGFA.