Measurement Form

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To provide a correct fit, you will want someone else to take your measurements for you and have them take your measurements at least twice. This will make the measurements more accurate. Consistency is important. When taking your measurements, please wear the appropriate undergarments and the shoes you plan on wearing with your gown. Appropriate undergarments include: a chemise, corset, hoopskirt (or cage crinoline, whichever you may have) or corded petticoat. I do not make any of the undergarments to sell. You may contact me and I can give you a list of reputable makers. E-mail measurements to  





E-mail address:__________________



1. Bust (All the way around the widest part)_______________

2. High Bust (Measure widest part of back, under arms and above

the widest part of the bust line.)________________

3. Waist (It might help to find your natural waistline by tying a string around your waist.)_______________

4. Height (From neck to floor)____________

5. Neck (Measure around base of neck)_____________

6. Neck to Shoulder (From neck to 2 inches below shoulder)___________________

7. Wrist (Measure around the wrist, just below the prominent bone. Remember not to measure too tightly.)_______________

8. Arm Length (With arm slightly bent, measure from the point 2 inches below shoulder to wrist)___________________

9. Upper Arm (Measure around the fullest part of the upper arm. This is usually 1 inch below armpit.)________________

  9a. Middle Arm (Measure around your arm slightly above your elbow. This measurement is basically just for undersleeves.)____________

10. Back Waist Length (From neck to natural waistline)_______________

11. Back Width (Measure across the widest part of the back from armpit to armpit) __________________


12. Underarm to Waist (From armpit to waistline)________________


13. Bodice Front (Measure from the nape of the neck, down over the bust and to the waistline)___________________


14. Front Skirt Length (Measure from waistline over hoopskirt to the floor)

15. Back Skirt Length ________________


16. Side Skirt Length ________________

17. Hoopskirt Length (Measure from waistline to the end of your hoopskirt in the front.)________________

18. Hoopskirt circumference (Measure around the bottom hoop. Most hoopskirt circumferences should be between 90"-120" at the most.) ______________