Price List

All prices, unless otherwise noted, are the cost of labor only and do not include material costs.

If you would like an estimate on the price of a dress including materials and labor costs, please contact me at

A Note on Mock-Bodices:

For each custom order, I require a Mock-Bodice to be made before beginning on the actual dress. This is made using your individual measurements and sent to you for a fitting. Sometimes adjustments to the bodice need to be made and it will be sent back and forth until we have reached a correct fit. Once the fitting is completed, you will then return the Mock-Bodice to me and I will make a pattern from this.

The price for a Mock-Bodice varies from person to person, depending on how many adjustments and variations need to be made on the basic bodice pattern. This price starts at $30 and usually is not much more than that. If you would like a better estimate of how much the actual Mock-Bodice will cost, please send me your measurements.


Basic Day Dress - Sizes 6-26

Starting price at $300.00 ( Fabric and materials not included in this price.)

This is a plain day dress with no trim and your choice of bishop sleeve or unlined coat sleeve. You may choose either a darted bodice or gathered. The skirt is knife pleated into a waistband and then whip stitched to the inside of the bodice. This is just a base price. You may want to have trim added or a different sleeve.

Sleeve variations:

Other Options:

Some people have inquired about purchasing a custom made bodice only, instead of having a completed dress made. If you are interested in this option, please contact me for estimates. 

(Note: These prices will be added to the basic day dress price.)

Ball Gown**- Sizes 6-26

Starting price at $300.00

Trimming and hand sewing:

Most trims will need to be put on by hand. Whichever it is, hand applied trim or machine sewn trim, I charge $30.00/hour. (This does not include the cost of the trims.)

Extra embellishments:

  • Hand applied hem braid- $60.00 (price includes wool hem braid)
  • Pocket- $16.50 (Sewn into the side seam of the skirt.)
  • Tucks- $15.00/per tuck.
  • Tiers (for skirt)- $68.00
  • Underskirt- $120
  • Hand sewn eyelets- $3.00/per eyelet.
  • Hand sewn button holes- $8.00/per button hole.
  • Buttons- $8.00 for 8 buttons. (The cost to sew each button on.)
  • Undersleeves- $42.00 (price includes fabric.)
  • Collar- $18.00 (price includes fabric.)
  • Cuffs- $18.00 (price includes fabric.)
  • Net Tucker (for neckline of ball gown)- $30.00
  • Bust Pads- $18.00

Outer Wear:

There are several different styles of outerwear garments to choose from. Please contact me for your specific needs and price estimates. Basic paletots start at $350.

Custom clothing costs:

$30.00 extra per hour. This labor cost is added onto the basic price for any work required beyond what is included in basic price. More on custom orders.


I will make silk bonnets that are fully trimmed or you can trim them yourself if you prefer. I also make quilted winter bonnets and hoods. If you have a specific style in mind, I would love to talk to you more about it! Most of the headwear I construct are sewn completely by hand. I make my own buckram and wire forms from scratch. For questions and estimates, please contact me at


You may either purchase your own fabric or if I have fabric in stock, you may purchase it from me for the dress if you like. If you decide to purchase your own fabric, please advise me with your fabric choice. My goal is to provide for you a dress made consistent with the detail and fabric used during the Civil War time period. I also carry a selection of trims and buttons that you might consider.


*Trimming and cap sleeves are not included in this price.

**Net tucker and trim not included in this price.

Please note that all prices are subject to change at anytime.