Custom orders require at least 6 weeks from start to finish. If you contact me after this date to order, it will be considered a rush order. All rush orders require an additional 25% added onto the total cost of the dress. (ex. Dress price: $500.00 + 25% rush order ($125.00) = $625.00)

Please note that I require the information listed below 4 weeks in advance. If I do not have this information 4 weeks prior to the project due date, I will consider it a rush order.

Getting Started:

  1. What I'll need you to do is print out the Design Agreement form, sign it and send this to me. Please contact me for my address.

  2. Next, I will need you to either email your measurements to me or print out the measurements form and mail it with the Design Agreement form.

  3. Lastly, I ask that you send a down payment of $200 (or half of the estimated price) before I begin on the project. I prefer checks, but I also take PayPal (a small fee may be added if you choose this method of payment) and money orders. Please make checks out to me, Anna Allen.

Please be sure to make a note of your fabric choice in the Design Agreement so that I have enough time to order the fabric if I do not already have it in stock.

I would appreciate it if you would consult me with your fabric choice. I want to be able to help you attain an accurate reproduction made with appropriate fabrics. I have fabric that you may consider for your gown as well as some trims and buttons.


Custom Orders

A custom order may consist of the following:

  • Extra trim.

  • Unique dress style.

  • A dress made to fit your specific measurements.

For a custom fit dress, I create a Mock-Bodice using your measurements. I will then send you this bodice for you to try on. When you receive it, please try it on with the correct undergarments. If there needs to be changes made to the bodice, mark and/or pin where it needs to be changed. You might want to get someone to help you fit the mock bodice to better insure an accurate fit. You will then need to send it back to me so I can make any necessary changes. After I make the changes, I will make up a new mock bodice (depending on the complexity of the changes) and send it to you. Again, you will try it on to make sure it fits correctly. Please return this bodice to me so I can use it as a pattern to make your final bodice.

Have you seen a dress from a CdV, fashion plate, or perhaps an original garment that you would like to have reproduced? Maybe you have several different ideas that you would like incorporated into a dress. Please contact me with your ideas on a specific dress style and we can talk about reproducing such an item.